Welcome to the Garden of Wellbeing!

The wellbeing of people and the planet go hand-in-hand.  

When we think about our natural capital we think about clean air, water and food - yet scientific evidence suggests connecting with nature is as essential to human health and wellbeing by improving recovery from stress, providing opportunities for physical exercise, increasing social interaction and strengthening shared experiences.
The purpose of this website is to highlight the evidence supporting nature as essential for human health and wellbeing.  We based the website on the Wellbeing Model, created by Dr. Mary Jo Kreitzer at the Center for Spiritulaity and Healing at the University of Minnesota.  Students from the CSH 5521 "Introduction to Restorative Environments and Therapeutic Landscapes" populated the pages with information gleaned during the course.  
We hope you find the information helpful as you investigate, research, reflect and inquire about nature's healing role for humans and the earth.
To view guided meditation, see this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gU_ABFUAVAs


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